The Expanded Studio is the creative arm of Non-Profit Organization The Expanded Environment. As such, we offer professional architectural and design services to more artfully inhabit our world.

We welcome collaborations, development opportunities, public outreach and good-old work for hire. We are trained as architects but have expertise and exposure to a range of creative areas including graphic design, installation art, landscape design, and product design. If you have an ecological conundrum within your built environment or a related project that you would like our advice, or know of a particularly tricky issue that just might need an architectural solution, or vice-versa, send us an email. Our rates are reasonable and negotiable. More than anything we’re interested in getting to work.

Areas of interest:

  • Landscape architectural collaborations
  • Urban ecological Interventions
  • Urban agricultural projects
  • Cross-species Art Installations
  • Site remediation strategies
  • Urban-Animal Public outreach programs
  • Ecological research projects
  • Sustainable architectural projects and developments

Ned Dodington is also available to speak, lecture, and write on these topics. He loves to travel and to get in front of a crowd. Invite him for a visit.


More about Ned:

Designers and architects must, out of necessity, have a kind of altruistic approach to our  work on the grand scale … if the ethic isn’t there, then we’re not doing a good job. The real object is to improve people’s lives, and to have a little fun while doing it.

While at Rice University working on his Masters in Architecture, Ned studied ecological design strategies and management with an eye towards the built environment. This evolved into a philosophy regarding the role of biology in design, as well as different ways to expand and explore the edge between humans and surrounding “others” (non-human animals, the earth).

That philosophy now informs all of his work; as the founder and creative director of The Expanded Environment; the previous Director of Caroline Collective, Houston’s first and largest coworking space (closed in 2013), a founding board member of C2 Creative, a non-profit resource for creative business development, and in the ways he fosters creative communities through his committee work at the Architecture Center, Houston.

Ned’s work has been published in Architectural Design Magazine, “Brkt: On Farming”, “Brkt: Goes Soft”, New Constellations/New Ecologies, the Columbia University GSAP Yearly Student Review ’01, as well in “Rice: Working 06-08”, and “All things Must Move”. He has written for The Architectural League in New York, Manifold Magazine, Arts and Culture Magazine, the Houstonist and is the primary contributor to the a well-respected website The Expanded Environment.

His built work, including an IV-drip supported hanging garden, has been shown in solo and group shows at the Lawndale Art Center Houston, Russ Pitman Park, and in Minnesota; he’s been awarded the Technos international traveling fellowship, the Mitchel Travel Fellowship an RDA Houston Initiative Grant and Presidential Citation for civic work from the AIA, Houston and has been named one of six Emerging Leaders for 2013 by the The Design Futures Council.

Ned speak’s publicly and lectures about his work with the Expanded Environment and can be contacted for speaking engagements. Some of his previous talk have been at The University of Northern Iowa, Syracuse University, The South Eastern Colleges of Art Conference and TEDxHouston.

Ned is a licensed architect in the state of Texas, a registered LEED Green Associate and maintains professional affiliations with NCARB, SEGD and AIGA. He is a NYC native, living and working in Houston. He has studied in New York, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai, but his local efforts and initiatives—co-founding Caroline Collective and C2Creative—stand out as invaluable contributions to Houston’s community.

His CV can be found here.

Download pdf version of work-samples here.

Some people thing that he’s pretty good at:

  • Writing
  • Architectural Design, and Documentation Services
  • Branding
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Brand Architecture
  • Storytelling
  • Design
  • 501c3 Creation
  • Facilities / Operations
  • Project Management
  • Accounting
  • Staffing
  • Team Development